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12/04/2015 – Donate To DeKalb Fire Fighters in Dunwoody

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TOMORROW – Saturday  5 December 
Nancy Jester Community Call
Support Our DeKalb County Fire Fighters
I am asking all my friends in Dunwoody and across DeKalb County to be a part of this tomorrow. It is just a drop off – you don’t have to stay – this is our fire station – these are our fire fighters:
Commissioner Nancy Jester is asking community residents and businesses to show our appreciation for these hard working fire fighters by helping to stock the pantry at our stations.
Staple food items such as sugar, salad dressing, seasonings, cereal, snacks, and beverages such as coffee, tea, sodas and sports drinks are welcomed.
Children are invited to come see the truck and equipment.
Nancy Jester Community Call – Support DeKalb County Fire Fighters:
Saturday 5 December 
9:00am – 12:00pm
Fire Station 12
5323 Roberts Drive Dunwoody
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