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12/13/2015 – Nancy Jester Reports: One Year

One Year 
One Year
One Year
Around DeKalb 
In one year Commissioner Nancy Jester has:
  • Attended  (approximately) 223 events and meetings
  • Hosted 26 Town Hall meetings
  • Doraville Town Halls: 3
  • Chamblee Town Halls:  3
  • LaVista Hills Town Halls:  4
  • Brookhaven Town Halls:  3
  • Tucker Town Halls: 3
  • Dunwoody Town Halls:  5
  • Water billing crisis Town Hall in Brookhaven
  • How to Appeal Your DeKalb County Property Value Assessment Town Hall in Dunwoody
  • How to Appeal Your DeKalb County Property Value Assessment Town Hall in Tucker
  • DeKalb County Soccer Town Hall with Commissioners Rader and Gannon in Decatur
  • The Lee May Town Hall – Just without Lee May – in Decatur
  • Attended 5 events for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts
On Duty For DeKalb County Taxpayers
In her first year in office, Commissioner Nancy Jester made it a priority to better understand the services your tax dollars fund. In one year Commissioner Nancy Jester has:
  • Done a police ride along with officers out of the Tucker precinct
  • Toured DeKalb County fire stations and the training facility
  • Toured the DeKalb County Jail observing the daily operations
  • Participated in two tours of Grady Hospita
  • Visited the DeKalb County Sanitation Headquarters
  • Toured a number of DeKalb County Senior Centers
  • Toured the Scott Candler Water Treatment Plant
  • Toured the Snapfinger Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Visited the DeKalb County Central Library Headquarters.
  • Toured Peachtree DeKalb Airport
  • Toured the DeKalb Medical Examiners Office
  • Sspent a day on a tour of Tucker Parks
  • Toured the E-911 Center
Thank You
Last year I was honored to earn the trust of the taxpayers of District One to represent our communities on the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.
It is a true honor to have the privilege to work for you. I have had the opportunity to meet so many good people and visit many local businesses, parks, and have had the honor of being invited to some of your homes.
We have had some successes and we face some challenges. I want you to know I go to work everyday with the clarity I am a public servant who works for the taxpayers and that the taxpayers are the bosses – because every dollar involved in DeKalb County government comes from you.
I will continue to stand for honesty and transparency in DeKalb County. I will continue to work for reform so that you get the local government you deserve.
Thank you again for your friendship and trust. I have announced I will run for a full term to District One and I hope I earn your support with my work for you on the BOC.
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