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12/20/2015 – Water Bills & Jobs For DeKalb

Water Billing Crisis
I will be having a working session with senior staff members of DeKalb County Watershed management in the near future.
If you have an issue with your billing e-mail me at:   Each case will be reviewed and my office will request that the billing department report back to you.
Include your name, address, account number, and a phone number with a description of your issue.
Doraville Tax Allocation District
At this Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners’ meeting, the Board approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Doraville regarding the Tax Allocation District (TAD) for the former GM Plant site. The Commission approved the TAD earlier this year. The IGA sets forth how the TAD will function and sets out the infrastructure improvements that can be financed by TAD revenues.
So, what is a TAD? How does it work?

A TAD is a defined area where real estate property tax monies gathered above a certain threshold for a certain, finite period of time, can be used for specified improvements in the defined area.

The property taxes collected by all governmental entities (city, county, and/or school district) that participate in the TAD continue to be paid to those entities. The TAD does not decrease or abate taxation on this property. As improvements are made and development occurs on the property, its value will increase. The tax that is paid on the increase in the value, gets paid, and accrues into the TAD account. Those funds can only be utilized pursuant to the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) that designates the projects for which TAD funds can be used.
Let me be clear: Every dime of property taxes for this property must be paid. The TAD does not change that. The taxes that are paid today on that property will continue to be paid directly to the city, county, and school district. The taxes assessed on the increase in value of the property, also have to be paid. They go directly to the TAD for specific, pre-approved, directed uses.
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Nancy Jester Reports: 15 December, 2015
Nancy Jester Reports:
15 December, 2015
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Around DeKalb
The Commissioner who makes house calls: have a problem that must be addressed at 11 o’clock at night ? Nancy Jester is always on duty for the taxpayers of DeKalb County…

Great to join Ann Rosenthal of The Tucker Northlake CID as they provided lunch – from the very excellent Matthews Cafeteria in Tucker – for our DeKalb County hero firefighters of Station 22.

A great day with The Stone Mountain CID as they sponsored lunch for our hero DeKalb County Police Officers at both the DeKalb County Police Department – Tucker Precinct.

A blessing to worship with my family at Christmas at Tucker hosted by Pastor Jim Higgins and the wonderful congregation of First United Methodist Church of Tucker

Happy Birthday Brookhaven – great to celebrate with Mayor-elect John Ernst.

It is I who appreciate our hero DeKalb County Police. Thanks to my heroes from the DeKalb County Police Department – Tucker Precinct
for this great honor!

A great day with The Tucker Northlake CID as they sponsored lunch for our hero DeKalb County Police Officers at both the DeKalb County Police Department – Tucker Precinct and the Dekalb County Police – Center Precinct.

Great meeting with Mayor Eric Clarkson of Chamblee and Brookhaven Mayor – elect John Ernst at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.

Great to welcome Senator Johnny Isakson to DeKalb County with DeKalb County state Senators Fran MIllar and JaNice Van Ness 

Great to welcome Senator Ted Cruz to Georgia and honored to serve as a state co-chair for him in Georgia.
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