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8/6/2015 – Rotten to Core – Ethics in DeKalb



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Taxpayers and Honest Employees of DeKalb:

Victims of Rotten to Core DeKalb County Government


 DeKalb County is a great county with amazing people. Among those are many good and dedicated public employees of the DeKalb County government who, everyday, work hard for the taxpayers with honor and professionalism.

It is both the taxpayers and these many honest employees of DeKalb County who are the victims of an out of control, corrupt DeKalb County government that is rotten to the core.

It does not serve the taxpayers nor employees of DeKalb County for elected officials to deliberately mischaracterize and misquote the initial update from the DeKalb County Special Investigators. Instead of living in denial and attempting to cover up the stunning reality we face at this point in the investigation, the Administration should – with all due haste – ensure the taxpayers and honest employees that those stealing taxpayer dollars will face the full force of the law.

Instead of criticizing the DeKalb County Special Investigators, the Administration should order every county employee to fully cooperate and make all information and documents available.  Flagrant and willful violations of The Open Records Act must not be tolerated.  Compliance with the law is not optional.

 Instead of criticizing the DeKalb County Special Investigators, the Administration should acknowledge that when employees refuse to cooperate by withholding information and documents, it is that behavior that delays the investigation and raises the cost of the effort.

As long as the Administration fails to send a clear and direct message that every employee will cooperate with the investigation, taxpayers and honest employees will continue to endure the consequences of the few who are acting outside the law.

It is unacceptable for some of my fellow Commissioners to both refuse to make their records and documents available and refuse to support this investigation while giving away millions of tax dollars for a soccer complex.  If there are millions for billionaires, there is money to expose waste, fraud, and abuse.


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