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Chamblee Middle Coralwood shuttle

I am writing to ask you to vote against restoring the Chamblee Middle/Coralwood shuttle.  At a time when we are asking everyone to tighten their belts, it would be destructive to agree to spend $17,000 to minimize inconvenience for a few.  There are hundreds of parents who would gladly drive their kids door-to-door for the opportunity to attend Chamblee Middle.  Certainly driving a few extra miles to Henderson Middle to take the existing shuttle is reasonable and fair.  Parents were notified before the start of school that they would be provided transportation to Chamblee from Henderson Middle.   They have now had ample time to adjust to the new plan and always have the option of driving their child all the way.

Thank you for your consideration

  1. I believe that I have good news for you regarding your concerns about the Chamblee Middle School Shuttle from Coralwood. First let me say how much I agree with you regarding “belt-tightening”. As you know, I was not in favor of any magnet transportation. This would have provided for a savings of almost $2 million but the board voted to maintain this service. Additionally, I requested that administrators take a pay cut which would be congruent with your stated opinion that “… we are asking everyone to tighten their belts…”. Again, this was not done. I am happy to note that you share my concern about the serious financial situation of DCSD.

    As discussed above, magnet transportation was maintained by the board. The good news about moving one of the shuttles to originate at Coralwood rather than Henderson MS, is that it is not an additional cost as you mentioned in your email. It is simply moving one bus from HMS to begin its route at Coralwood. If executed properly, this change should save the district money. Additionally, this is a greener, more efficient and congestion minimizing location for the shuttle.

    Chamblee MS families were notified twice on Sunday, August 12th, the day before school began, with conflicting facts about the Coralwood shuttle. They received two emails; (1) one sent at 1:15pm from DCSD’s Magnet Program director telling parents to pick up bus #1680 at 8am at Coralwood and (2) one sent at 5:55pm from the principal indicating that there would not be a shuttle originating from the Coralwood location. Clearly, these parents were not given ample time to prepare their transportation plans.

    Thank you for your concern about this issue. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to provide clarity.

    Yours in service,

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